Recognizing the importance of quality to meet client needs, we have instituted stringent quality assurance and control measures. The quality systems at Lorgan Comtech Pvt Ltd match the best in the world, and contribute significantly to our performance and growth. Changing business needs, suggestions for improvements and analysis of process performance drive our process improvements.

The Lorgan Comtech Pvt Ltd Excellence Initiative brings under one umbrella all the improvement initiative: A participatory culture is built with effective communication from senior management, formation of cross-functional working groups and rewards and recognition schemes.

Quality Policy

We shall recognize and respect our customers' right to receive quality products and services, on time and within budget.

We shall endeavor to exceed our customers' expectations of competence, performance, delivery schedule and value for money, such that they take pride in ownership of Lorgan Comtech Pvt Ltd products and Lorgan ComTech Pvt Ltd becomes their 'Natural Choice' for repeat business.

We shall strive constantly to improve our standards of quality and productivity.
We shall achieve this in an atmosphere of fairness, integrity, dignity and courtesy towards customers, suppliers, employees, investors and competitors.


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