Service from Lorgan ComTech Pvt Ltd gives your company the power to deliver superior service and support and improve the outcome of every customer interaction. Service Suite is powered by intelligent technology that is unmatched in the industry. At the heart of our solution is out patented, self-learning, self-maintaing and self-organizing technology, which is designed with one goal in mind; the customer's success.

Service Suite gives you the tools to leverage your most powerful asset - knowledge - seamlessly throughout your enterprise, regardless of the nature or complexity of the question. And Service Suite is perfectly aligned with how key user segments engaged the system. This unique, role-based design ensures that each audience - customers, employees and customer interaction points - have just the right tools for capturing and/or accessing knowledge.

LORGAN offers a full range of Clinical and Technical Field Services to the small-to-midsize and emerging biopharma and Medical device industries global studies as well as who need the flexibility to add expert SAS resources on demand. LORGAN has been providing customized solutions for Clinical Monitoring, Site management, regulatory, Data Management, Quality Assurance and Audit Services to our clients. LORGANí operational foundation are based on quality and performance. Every project is carefully analyzed at every step to ensure performance objectives are being met..


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